Open & Public IV, A Guide to the Ralph M. Brown Act
The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure,
by Alice Sturgis 4th Edition Revised 2001 McGraw-Hill
Marin Healthcare District Annual Operating Budget (2018)
Marin Healthcare District Bylaws (pdf) (08/11/15)
Marin Healthcare District – Marin General Hospital Lease Agreement (2015 – 2045)
Marin General Hospital Bylaws (pdf) (05/03/16)
Conflict of Interest Code (pdf)
Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Report May 16, 2018
Status of General Obligation Bonds Funding & Project Costs
Marin Healthcare District Board Members’ Ethics Education Certificates (2017-2018)
Marin County Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 801: Formation of “Marin County Hospital Marin County Supervisor’s Resolution and Formation of The Healthcare District Paperwork (1946)
Strategic Planning Final Report “Preparing for the Future” by Kurt Salmon Associates (9/28/07)7
Policies and Procedures Marin Healthcare District
Board Meetings Marin Healthcare District
Committee Meetings
Handling Claims and Litigation
Community Health Grants
About Us -The Marin Healthcare District
ACHD Certification *** Note according to these records 2 current board members appear to be not in compliance***
Board of Directors
Community Health Grants
Community Health Seminar Series
Disaster Preparedness
Executive Team
Operating Documents
Archives – Meeting Minutes and Agendas
Our History – The Marin Healthcare District

Our Mission – The Marin Healthcare District
KSA Final Strategic Planning Report, 9/28/2006 (pdf)
Settlement Agreement 10/04/2006 (pdf)
Transfer Agreement, 10/04/2006 (pdf)
Videos from past League of Women Voter’s forums
Videos from past Marin Women’s Political Action Committee debates and forums – Archive newspaper articles
Marin Independent Journal online – various articles from the past regarding Marin General
Planned Parenthood -Website
US National Library of Medicine’s website for articles regarding the importance of pediatric trauma centers – Website
Current articles regarding healthcare
New Diagnosis, Industry Periodical published by the Physicians Organizing Committee
Marin County Board of Supervisors Website – (Health and Human Services) Meeting Notes

Marin General Hospital Website:
About Us, The Corporate Team
Programs & Services
Remodel 2.0
CEO Perspectives by Lee Domanico, Chief Executive Officer


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