Marin General Hospital and the Clinics in Marin need to Coordinate Better in Order to Serve the Public:

I have seen first hand in this past year a homeless person that was not able to get some basic care at the Marin City clinic, due to lack of staff and supplies allocated to that clinic.

I personally took this man, Steve Gibson to Marin General Hospital for his breathing issues. He needed to get a device called a nebulizer, that likely cost less than $200, but because it was not available at the clinic in Marin City where he was living as a homeless person, he was forced to seek emergency medical attention at MGH.

He wound up going to Marin General Emergency Room and spending the night in the hospital numerous times over several months. The hospital also did not give him the electric breathing device, called a nebulizer machine, but instead sent him back to the streets with a manual spray can breathing device.

My estimate is that this cost the hospital thousands of dollars in care, testing etc, x-rays and more which could have been avoided had the Marin City clinic been staffed more sufficiently to accommodate the demand of the community, and the clinic had been equipped with more essential supplies that most other private doctor’s offices normally have on hand for their patients, such as the nebulizer. Likewise, when he did go to the hospital for caregiving him the electronic device rather than the manual device would have greatly improved his symptoms, a doctor explained this to me and he may have avoided the need to go back several times.

My understanding is that the services not covered under Medicare or Medicaid, are then a deficiency burden to the hospital, which in turn takes away from funds available for other programs for our county’s residents. This is likened to a vicious cycle, that could be ended if a common sense approach was used in better coordinating funding and services for county clinics and MGH hospital’s facilities.

Not only is the current system wasting money, providing substandard care for the public, but according to a surgeon at MGH that I discussed this issue with, the emergency room staff and resources are being pulled away from true emergencies when lives are on the line. This is nonsensical, and it needs to change. If elected I will make sure this issue is addressed by the hospital and ask the privately owned hospital to be more accountable to the tax-payers of Marin.