Currently, the number of beds available for those that are suffering from severe and grave mental conditions does not support the growth of the population in Marin. According to my understanding, there are only 17 beds for psychiatric patients at Marin General Hospital.

Sadly, many people suffering from a mental condition are placed in out of the area institutions away from their family and friends, or worse, they are held in Marin County Jail and receive little or no psychiatric care while they are incarcerated. In my opinion, this is cruel.

On a similar note, it is my understanding that the Marin General Emergency Room lacks a full-time dedicated psychiatrist for only the Emergency Room. I do believe this would be an important addition that would probably save money in the long run, and possibly save lives too.

Also, like fellow candidate Anna Pletcher running for the District Attorney’s office has recently pointed out, the district is not providing the rape kits it needs for victims, nor is it providing professionally trained medical staff to support the need for this service. Providing these kits and trained professionals should actually save the district money to have these services onsite rather than to have to transport victims who are likely suffering from severe PTSD to other areas via ambulance for this invasive but necessary service.

I have talked with at least 50 mental health professionals in Marin that agree with me that the current Marin Healthcare District Board is not communicating the public’s needs effectively enough to the hospital in order to facilitate funds being allocated to better mental health programs and facilities.