Pediatric Trauma Center:


An emergency room doctor from Marin approached me to discuss this issue after he was made aware I was running for office. It has now been brought to my attention several times, by multiple doctors from 2 different hospitals in Marin that Marin Healthcare District and Marin General Hospital lack a sophisticated and separate pediatric trauma center. What this means is that many times children and infants that have been severely injured, such as from a car accident, sporting accident, fire or chemical burn etc. are many times helicoptered or transported via ambulance out of Marin County to a hospital that is able to provide specialized care for the pediatric patients. I would want to explore discussing with the hospital’s board the feasibility of including this type of care at Marin General Hospital for my constituents and their children.

After initially being approached by a few doctors regarding having an elaborate trauma center,  I talked with a former MGH emergency room nurse and an additional current MGH emergency room surgeon about this issue. Both of these medical professionals agreed that at a minimum there should be a separate pediatric trauma department for pediatric patients and that the staff should not “float” between the two. In other words, there should be separate space for just children to be treated, as well as doctors and nurses that specialize in pediatric care to attend to those patients.

This construction would be in conjunction with the plans that are currently underway with the Marin General 2.0 remodel and mandated new green construction and seismic upgrades that have already been planned for with the Bonds in place.