I have discussed with doctors and nurses currently working at MGH the issue regarding their computer systems as well as other systems, protocols, and procedures. I have been told that the computer system for entering patient medications is antiquated. It was explained to me that a manual system is used many times and that mistakes regarding dosage and even prescription types have been made.

I personally had an issue with the wrong dosage of a pain prescription medications being given to me after a cesarian section delivery at Marin General Hospital. I did call this error to the attention of the shift supervisor and I was told it was noted and that management would be informed.

Not only is the software for prescriptions not sufficiently protecting our public, but the billing system is extremely burdensome and confusing.

Patients receive numerous bills for use of the facility, services, tests, specialists, subcontractors such as surgeons and much more. Some of these bills seem to duplicate costs for the same or similar service. This has been my personal experience with the billing system at Marin General Hospital while using Anthem Blue Cross insurance.

The burden of figuring out what is covered by insurance is many times left to the patient to decipher or negotiate. While I do realize the Marin Healthcare District Board is limited in its oversight capacity, and certainly can not direct the Marin General Hospital Inc. directly regarding medical subcontractors, referrals or on medical billing protocol, or software,  I do believe having someone purely as a patient advocate, not a doctor’s advocate, on the Board will be critical when reviewing items that the board is allowed to have input on as noted clearly in the By-Laws of the Marin Healthcare District Board.