The Healthcare District Board is an oversight board, which means it doesn’t have a lot of decision making power. The main decisions regarding Marin General Hospital are made by a private board of directors, as well as an executive management team. The County of Marin voted in 2015, by passing Measure R that the Health Care District agreed to lease the property it owns to Marin General Hospital Corporation. Marin General Hospital is a privately owned non-profit.  I know, it’s a bit confusing, stick with me… I’ll try to make it as simple as possible.

Originally when the Marin Healthcare District was formed by the state of California Legislation in 1946, the land, building, and business were all owned by the public. The short story is that in 2010, it was leased to the private corporation Marin General Hospital Corporation after Sutter Health relinquished control before the lease of the hospital was to expire in 2015. More about that in another post, when I have a little more time to go into details, it’s a lot more complicated.

At any rate, it’s important for you, the taxpayers, to at least understand the short story; that the Healthcare District Board is an oversight board, not the actual hospital board. That’s why it’s so important to have at least one businesswoman, er um, excuse me, at least one business person on the board.

You can read old IJ articles about the passing of Measure R if you are not familiar with it. Reading the Marin General Hospital website really will not give you the full picture of everything involved in the transition.

Also, Measure R is not to be confused with Measure F, which was passed by the tax-payers in November of 2013. Measure F was the bond measure that allowed Marin General to gain funding via a general obligation bond for funding that was required for construction that would bring it up to new seismic standards required by the state of California due to legislation passed to make all hospitals more safe in the event of that inevitable “big one”. More about Measure F will be coming soon. I wanted to make sure I got this website up ASAP, as I know your mail-in ballots are coming in the mail soon.

Hopefully, those of you taking the time to read this are enjoying my sarcasm and humor. I promise if elected, I will gently and humorously point out the issues that need to be addressed after thoroughly researching each item.

All that being said, my main point is that the Marin Healthcare District Board is not in the business of healthcare, That’s the Marin General Hospital Corporation Board, and executives working there, getting paid the big bucks.

The Healthcare District Board, however, can make suggestions to the Corporation Board. I will address some issues that I would bring up to the Corporation Board and executives if elected. Those issues will be listed in this section called “Issues”.  I’ll post the issues soon, so please stay tuned!